The Tarangire National Park was initially the territory of Masaai people for generations before to being chased by the government, in 1970 at its creation, to protect wildlife.

Well known for Baobab and Acacia Trees, Zebras, Buffalos, many Elephants, Giraffes, Warthogs, Impalas, Dik-Diks, Gazelles, Hartebeests, Wildebeests ; you also can find some of the big predators like Lions, Leopards and Cheetahs.

It’s the greatest concentration of wildlife outside the Serengeti ecosystem.

There are also around 550 bird varieties; you can see the heaviest flying bird, the Kori Bustard or the world’s largest bird, the Stocking-thighed Ostrich.

The best moment to go there is from June to September.