Rubondo Island National Park is situated in the Southwest corner of Lake Victoria, an inland sea sprawling between Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya and the World’s second-largest lake.

There are 9 smaller islands around Rubondo.

It protects precious fish breeding grounds. But it’s more than a water wonderland; it’s also deserted sandy beaches, virgin forests. 90% of the park is humid forest; the remainder ranges from open grassland to lakeside papyrus beds.

Different animals’ species live there: the Sitatunga, the most elusive of Antelopes, Birds everywhere such as Herons or thousands of Eurasian migrants, Hippopotamuses, Vervet Monkeys, Genet and Mangooses. It’s also a protected and inaccessible habitat for introduced species like Chimpanzees, Black-and-white Colobus, Elephants and Giraffes.

40 different Orchids exist on Rubondo Island.

The best moment for Wildflowers and Butterflies is from June to August.

The best moment for migratory Birds is from November to March.

Image By Peter Levey, CC BY 2.0