On the slopes of Kilimanjaro

Stewart Orison Shuma and Emanuel Orison Shuma are born in the 1970’s, on the slopes of Kilimanjaro Mountains, the roof of Africa. They ended their studies about Wildlife Management in the 1990’s in Arusha and since then, they are very experienced and appreciated drivers and guides in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. They work for many companies.

That’s why they decided to open their own first safari’s company in 2013 to share their experience about Wildlife. The company is located in Arusha, one of the most famous touristic zones in Tanzania, situated in the north of the country.

This new company also collaborates with other well experienced tour guides/drivers/workers from the tourism industry in order to offer to travellers safaris and tours as diverse as possible in Tanzania: climbing mountains, trekking safaris, 4×4 safaris, fishing, canoe safaris, culture tours, bicycle safaris, balloon safaris, transfers and many more. To offer the best to clients and follow their needs, the company stays open and awaits any suggestions.

At a glance...

Fed Safaris & Ethics

Fed Tours & Safaris is a tour company that works for the benefit of the local staff, Tanzanian community and environment. We believe that we can make a difference in Tanzania and change the work conditions of Tanzanians by delivering amazing experiences with high quality and service to our customers and at the same time generate fair salaries and better conditions.
We think that companies should always be responsible for its staff and their salaries.

We make sure that our guides, drivers, cooks, porters and other staff are not dependent on tips or gratuities. Of course, if you like to tip our staff for exceptional service and quality, do so. But do it because it is what you heart wants, not what your conscience dictates.

Safaris types

Wilderness Safaris by Car

That kind of safari is the most common in Tanzania, all travelers come mainly to observe the famous Fauna and Flora of Africa.

Canoe Safaris

Another way to discover the Fauna and Flora by the Tanzanian Lakes.

Mountains climbing

This climbing offers to travelers the discovering of the roof of Africa, the Kilimanjaro Mountain. You also can discover many others in the country like the Mount Meru or the Oldonyo Lengaï Mountain.

Balloon Safaris

Another way to discover the Fauna and Flora of Africa by air.

Trekking /Bicycle Safaris

This is for the lovers of cycling or walking who want to enjoy Tanzanian landscapes and wildlife around.

Culture Tours

The unique opportunity to meet some of the 120 tribes living in Tanzania. You will share a piece of life of Masaai people, Wadzabe or Chagga, etc.

We guarantee happy customers, quality, safety, value, fair salaries and dignity for our staff, support of local economy and national parks, all the reasons to book your trip with us! Make also a difference and travel with us!